Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Morning Merry Sunshine

I used to sing this song to my daughter every morning to wake her up. There’s time when she find it hard to open her eyes, and I would sing the song. Upon hearing the song, she would wake up and we would start chatting. We talked about what the best thing happened yesterday, her dream last night and what is the plan for today. I never knew that she liked the song and remembered the lyrics until one day, she sang the song on her own. So, here is the lovely song which binds me with my daughter each morning.

Good Morning Merry Sunshine

Good morning, merry sunshine,
How did you wake so soon?
You've scared the little stars away,
And shone away the moon.

I watched you go to sleep last night,
I ceased my playing
How did you get way over there,
and where have you been staying?

I never go to sleep, dear,
I just go 'round to see
My little children of the East,
Who rise to watch for me.

I waken all the birds and bees,
And flowers on my way,
Then last of all, the little child
Who stayed out late to play.