Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to dear HubbyA.

Love you with all my heart.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day

Wish all the teachers out there a very happy Teacher’s Day.

Of all the teachers I had in my life from Primary School till University, there’s one teacher whom I always remembered and had touched my heart. Her name is Mrs. Leong, my English teacher back in Standard 5. She taught us with her heart and always motivated us to learn from heart. She is the only teacher in my life whom I had the heart to buy present for Teacher’s Day. I bought her a small oil lamp and I could see how she appreciated it. I was not outspoken back in Standard 5, and I was not even fluent in speaking English at that time, but I know, when she received my present, that was my heart talking, thanking her whole heartedly.

The late Mrs Leong was laid to rest some years ago due to cancer. To my dear friends Selena and Beatrice, hope you two have the same courage and inspiration as your mom.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day & Temasya Sukaneka 2008 SKBK

We had a pleasant weekend. Yesterday, we had a small celebration of Mother’s Day. BabyF gave me a clip she made in Art class, a card and a carnation she bought at school’s bookshop. Daddy contributed a bouquet of carnation with teddy bear and also a cute and yummy coffee cake. Thanks dear.

Then, there’s Temasya Sukaneka 2008 for SKBK. Very lively and joyful for the kids to unwind before the mid term exam which starts tomorrow 13-May-2008.

Good Luck !

Friday, May 9, 2008

Today is BabyF's Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday my dearest BabyF! May your birthday fill with happiness and joy.

It was a tradition for us to have the cake cutting and birthday gifts giving after maghrib on the eve of the birth date. It’s like a Muslim calendar where the new date starts after maghrib. We made her stay in the room while we lit the candles and arrange the gifts. HE HE HE Not so surprising, but still quite thrill for anyone celebrating birthday…

Mommy gave her Barbie Mariposa (to add to her collection) and a cute box of decorative papers and Daddy gave her a white-gold necklace with a cute diamond-love pendant and a stalk of red rose. She was speechless… She doesn’t like to wear jewelry, so she said ‘ Thank God it’s not gold.’ HA HA HA (don’t tell her white-gold IS gold!)

We’re giving away jajan to classmates at SKBK and another cake and jajan at nursery.

Enjoy the day sayang

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kullu nafsin zaaikatul maut

Last Saturday, 03-May-08, we received a call from home that our uncle passed away at hospital Kuala Terengganu. We were shocked. Yes, he was admitted at the hospital on Thursday, 1-May-08 due to vomiting. He cannot consume anything, every time he ate, he will automatically vomit it back.

We thought it was only minor food poisoning. He could walk, talk and not bedridden or in a coma or something. In fact, just a few minutes before he passed away, he was having conversation with relatives who visited him at the hospital. Then suddenly, he went out of air. He had history of asthma, so, no big deal, even the doctor was right beside him at that time, preparing to give him a jab. Even the doctor was shocked and asked the late ‘ What happen pak cik?’

Allah knows best and His promise is true. When the time comes, not even 1 second will lapse. In his death certificate, the cause of death is written as ‘sepsis with intestinal obstruction’. May Allah bless him. Al-fatihah

Friday, May 2, 2008

Beautiful Friday

It is a beautiful Friday morning. The sky is a bit gloomy and drizzling.   We had a great breakfast and everybody goes to school and work happily.  Yesterday was a public holiday and today is the last day of work. What a wonderful feeling….


So, many activities have been lined up for this weekend. Saturday, art and ballet class for BabyF in the morning, swimming and gym in the afternoon.  Sunday, attend religious class in the morning and back to hometown in the afternoon.


Most importantly, welcome to blogsphere to MR BASTENG!  We need people like you in the cyber world…