Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Pok - 3 months
Tompok has been an addition to our family since November 2010. He was 2 months old then. A friend gave him and his mother to us. Tompok is a domestic type, though his mother, Mek, is a Siamese. Must be his father is a dominant domestic. Tompok, or Pok, or Empok as he is fondly called by us has been very active since kitten. Very playful and joyful. When he first came with Mek, he immediately felt like home. While Mek roamed the house up and down, he would playfully catch Mek’s tail; bite Mek’s feet or just ambushed Mek from back. He has nothing to worry, as Mek is around to play with him.

Pok : I'll catch you one day Fish!

I was very hesitated at first, on the idea to allow a pet in the house. I’ve had 4 cats before during my childhood and I had felt the sadness and sorrow when losing them one after another. Till the last, I’ve made a pledge that I will NEVER ever going to have a pet again, as the pain of losing is so excruciating. But, for the sake of my daughter, I have broken the pledge to give her a chance to share her love with a pet.

4 days after Pok and Mek arrived; Mek went out and never came back. Pok, being a very joyful cat, can take the lost easily. He plays with us, bites our fingers, catches our leg, ambushed us when we walked and played hide and seek with us. He listens too. When we talked to him, he will look at us and ‘miow’ as if saying ‘ok, yes, mama, kakak, pakcik’.

There’s one time when we came back from elsewhere and parked our car opposite the house. Pok came from nowhere and ‘buat lembek’ (the act of lying down for us to touch his stomach) in the middle of the road!

Pok sleeps like a baby...

Now, Pok is 7 months and has reached adulthood but his characteristics remains, a joyful and playful pet. Thanks Pok for sharing your love with us!

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Hi Rofi,

Nice to read your story about your lovely kitten!

Keep up posting! I really enjoy it..

Ur Admire